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We are a travel agency specializing in semi-private and custom private tours. Our semi-private tours (up to 10 people) include activities such as village hopping, wine tasting, and cooking lessons. Our private tours, meanwhile, are more tailor-made, designed to fit the specific needs of our customers. In all our tours, we prioritize the overall experience of our customers, who we prefer to call guests, as we see ourselves as representatives of our island. To understand the quality of our work, we recommend reading our reviews on TripAdvisor.

I'd like to detail how we create our tour itineraries and ensure a memorable experience for our guests. We like to think of it as a puzzle with several equations. In creating itineraries, we consider factors like traffic, crowds from cruise ship passengers at certain villages at specific times, the position and intensity of the sun, time efficiency on the road, sunset time and position (which varies with the seasons), and other small details. We strategically organize stops and walking sections so our guests can experience the best of the villages and locations within the available time.

We also consider our partner companies, focusing on the quality of their product, service, and their ability to handle peak season. We are proud of our tour minibuses, which are designed and upgraded for comfort and convenience, featuring theater-like seating, microphone, bottle cooler, double air-conditioning, monitor, USB chargers. We are planning to add Wi-Fi and other amenities next year.

Lastly, we pay great attention to our human resources. We strive to have knowledgeable, energetic, humorous, and warm staff to provide great company for our guests. We aim to create a bonding experience within a few hours. We also ensure our drivers and guides work well together and enjoy their job. We believe in quality work, which we achieve by maintaining precise working hours and ensuring our staff gets days off. We want them to remain energetic and warm throughout the season to deliver their best on our tours.

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