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Wine Tour

With sunset picnic (small group up to 10)

3 Hours and 30 minutes
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  • Semi Private small group up to 10

  • Afternoon option

  • Winetasting

  • 2 Wineries

  • Sunset picnic

The rich volcanic soils of Santorini make it a perfect location for wine production. Join a small group and visit two of the island’s top wineries to learn about the winemaking process as well as what makes their wines unique. Learn about the tasting notes during guided wine tastings that are paired with local snacks.

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Winery Estate Argyros

Taste and learn about the local varieties at this gorgeous family-owned Estate. 4 wines winetasting

Winery Artemis Karamolegos

The third largest winery of Santorini in terms of production volume, keeps earning rare awards in prestigious competitions

We will drive you to a special sunset spot where you can relish the sunset in a unique way.

Sunset Spot 

Two Wineries, two different experiences of Santorini and their 
history. You will get acquainted with all basic varieties of wine of 
Santorini, their special aroma and their unique nuances. We will 
take you through the life of the local vintner, the vine and the 
graperive in circular shapes called “kouloura” the harvest, the 
carrying of the harvest in baskets on donkeys, the grape crushing, 
the grape must and the barrels. You will feel the distinguished 
served with some tapas to highlight the zest.

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Beer Tour

10 max


3 hours


Beer Tasting & Breweries visit

Afternoon option
Family owned brewery
& a modern one
2 Breweries

 Full of tastes



With regard to our introduction to the local beers of Santorini island, we could not but begin with the oldest yet most innovative of distilling, Donkey Brewery. You will enjoy tasting 4 fresh, unfiltered beers and purchase the famous souvenirs. Our next step will be the setup of a modern, synchronized brewery called Ftelos, located just outside of Fira near the Caldera. Limited but exclusive production means we have 6 delicious different beers available for tasting accompanied by appetizing snacks. The experts will explain the fermentation process and the varieties while you enjoy the great view and appetizers

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